Pushkar the land of biggest cattle fair

Pushkar is a city which belongs to the culturally most thriving state of India known as Rajasthan. Pushkar is renowned for its religious places; the most distinguished amongst these is the temple of Brahma. The temples here attract pilgrims from across the globe who also visit the land to take a dip into the sacred waters of the Pushkar Lake.

However, by far the annual cattle fair is the biggest attraction of the city which offers an exceptional spectacle to behold. This is the reason why tourists from all over the world tour to Pushkar during this time of the year. The city is also amongst one of the five revered dhaams or pilgrimage hubs and therefore is rightly referred to as tirth-raj, that is literally interpreted as the ‘‘king of pilgrim sites’’.  Having earned the epithet of ‘’the rose garden of Rajasthan,’’ the flowers are grown here profusely in and around the city and are also exported globally. So the tourists easily succumb to the tempting beauty of the land, its spiritually charged atmosphere, its exuberant fairs as well as its winding lanes.

In a nutshell, the land of Pushkar radiates an ambience of serenity and spirituality that compel the tourists to visit the place year after year. So don’t miss to catch a glimpse of this exotic land which displays a great, eternal architectural heritage. Book Your Tour with a leading Travel Agency in Pushkar | Tour Operator in Pushkar | Travel Agency Pushkar | Tour Company in Pushkar | Travel Company in Pushkar | Tour Agency in Pushkar. A complete travel solution in Pushkar, serve quality services to make your journey a memorable one...

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