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Rajasthan located in the western region of the country is the largest Indian state in terms of area. Famously known as the land of the kings, Rajasthan, is a stunning amalgamation of the new and old; the modern as well ancient. It is often said that there is more to the history of this intriguing state than the rest of India put together. The state offers a majestic realm of Maharajas, including their lavish forts and palaces. Needless to say, the state of Rajasthan offers breathtaking scenic delights and a realm of contrasts which remind the viewers of its rich, romantic past speaking of the honor, heroism and chivalry of the former rulers of the state.  

Amidst a stark desert and bordered with the country’s oldest mountain range, the Aravalli Hills, the state of Rajasthan appears like a beacon drawing hundreds and thousands of travelers with its rich cultural legacy and art forms.  Besides, there are many colorful and vibrant festivals that are celebrated across the state which lend an extraordinary charm to the place. Rightly called as the glittering jewel of India, the state has leapfrogged into a top tourist sojourn.  So whether you want to behold the beauty of the golden sand dunes and glinting oasis, experience rendezvous with tigers or even romance amidst the sprawling magnificent royal palaces, then Rajasthan is a perfect destination for you.   

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